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twitterMap on Hak5

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when I discovered that twitterMap has appeared on the latest episode (season 9, episode 19) of Hak5.

Other news about twitterMap, I have almost finished version 2. The new version will contain the ability to produce wordlists and also let you map links between followers. The follower mapping won’t be fast as that part of the twitter API is rate limited. My tests so far have shown it to be a “leave running in the background for the rest of the day” tool rather than a “go and have a cup of tea while it finishes running” tool.

To reduce the number of calls I have also added the option to cache the mapping between twitter accounts number (returned from some of their APIs) and the users screen name. This has really helped with the testing and should help reduce the number of limited API calls if you are running multiple maps of the same person or group of people.

Jason — 2011-06-30