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m3u Tools

The m3u Tool is a simple Perl script that produces an m3u playlist of .mp3 and .flac files found under a directory.


For those occasions when you need to encode and decode an base 64 encode HTTP basic authentication string.


Sometimes trying to figure out what the actual contents of a form is can be really difficult from just looking at a web pages html. This program can be run from the command line and will give you a nice listing of the input tags for each form.


A boot block that dumps the contents of memory to the device you booted off.


Having just been playing with Moxie Marlinspike’s sslStrip tool I thought that it shouldn’t be hard to create a simple tool to detect it - so here’s my attempt.


A tool to create a file mapping tweets starting from one person and spreading out till a predefined limit is reached. The output can be used with GraphViz to turn it into a nice graph.

This project no longer works due to the twitter API’s changing since it was originally developed.


For those people that have to verify an ipkg feed. This command line tool will check that every file pointed to by your Packages file exists and that every file in your feed is included in your Packages file (assuming that apache will let it get an index of the feed directory).