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Awkward first post

This is the awkward first post that all bloggers have to get over. Why have I started blogging now? I have reached the conclusion that there are so many little things that I find, don’t need for 6 months, then forget where I read about it. A blog seems as good a place as any to store this sort of information and it may be useful for other people as well.

The first problem I had was that my WordPress theme I had created didn’t seem to work well with a side bar. It hadn’t worried me before as I didn’t use it but now I am blogging I thought it would be a good idea to have one. Everything I was trying was had the sidebar appearing either above or below the posts. Things that had worked on hundreds of pages in the past just wouldn’t work with my custom theme.

Finally in an act of desperation I set the widths of the sidebar and the main content to percentages rather than pixels and it just worked. Why the floating wouldn’t work with the sizes in pixels I don’t know. Just one of the many joys of developing things for the web.

Jason — 2010-06-03