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New site

It’s been a while since I’ve last had any spare time to work on the site, but I’ve finally found some time to work on it. It’s changed a bit and as usual I’m using it to experiment with different ways of tackling an issue. So what’s changed? Well, I’ve dropped WordPress and moved to a static site. I’ve moved the contents into JSON files which are rendered via a project I’ve been working on, renderJsonAsHtml. I’ve made it available via npm and the source is available on GitLab

The styling of the site is built on top of another project I’ve finally released, CoopersCoreCSS. This is the core set of CSS that I normally start from when developing a website and build the rest of the site’s CSS on top. I’ve also made this available via GitLab.

Jason — 2017-01-26


My base CSS that’s a great place to start from when developing a new site. Check out the demo for an idea of what it looks like